At the end of my internship with Projekttriangle I created a new corporate design for the German list broker Mundt Direkt. I developed a sign system that contains a special icon for every application and every service or product Mundt Direkt offers.
The icons are based on an abstraction of an address (as the smalest unit for a list broker). Every other icon contains at least parts of that address icon and was built within the same grid. The logo is very simple so that it can't be extended and realised in many ways (printed, embossed, punched, foil stamped, etc.).
The pictures to the right show some possible applications I designed for the final presentation. Unfortunately the project was not realised.

Projekttriangle Design Studio

Mundt Direkt GmbH

Creative Direction
Martin Grothmaak, Projekttriangle

address icon
01 address icon
part of the sign symbol
02 part of the sign symbol
stationery and business card
03 stationery and business card
cover sheet
04 cover sheet
part of product overview
05 part of product overview
product presentation
06 product presentation