After redesigning the stationery, Avenger asked Projekttriangle for designing a give-away, they needed for a big event. The give-away should show selected works of the photographers but its single parts had to work for themselves, too.
The photographers didn't have any handy portfolio, they always had to carry heavy look books. That's why we created kind of portfolio cards with the size of plain postcards, which present the selected works and could be used as business cards, too.
To accomplish almost the same luminosity as a real photo we used frequency-modulated screening and acetate lamination on C-1-S paper. A silk-screen printed awareness bracelet kept the set together.

Projekttriangle Design Studio

Avenger Photographers

Creative Director
Martin Grothmaak, Projekttriangle

avenger card set
01 avenger card set
further cards
02 further cards
example of content
03 example of content
example of content
04 example of content